Meet Our Team

Tami Napolitano


Born and raised in Rutland, Vermont, Tami has always held family and community in the highest regard. She and her husband, Mike, founded Awesome Graphics in their home in 1994. A truly driven individual, Tami has not only sustained, but catalyzed the growth of Awesome Graphics with her mind for business, dedication to success, and lofty standard of perfection. Tami lives to spend time with her three children and her granddaughter, Maria. She enjoys traveling, warm weather, and competitive games of any kind.

Mike Napolitano

Co-Founder/Director of Marketing

When anyone thinks of Awesome Graphics, Mike is the first person who comes to mind. A Rutland local, Mike understands the value of local community, loyalty, and giving his way to success. His infectious personality, sense of humor, and unparalleled eye for design make him the primary driving force behind Awesome Graphics’ continuous growth. Mike embodies innovation and creativity. In his twenty-five years as owner, he has never allowed himself—or Awesome Graphics—to become stagnant or complacent. Mike enjoys cooking for his family and friends, playing with his granddaughter, Maria, listening to jam bands, meeting new people, and spending time with his fur baby, Moo.

Tom Gaudreau

3M-Preferred Senior Installer

While he prefers to remain behind the scenes, Awesome Graphics relies heavily on the meticulous consistency of Tom Gaudreau. Tom has worked for Mike and Tami for ten years, and in that time, he’s become a master in his field and a force in the world of 3M-Preferred Installers. Tom’s attention to detail makes him an invaluable part of the company’s success. Tom enjoys staying under the radar, making facetious comments that nobody can fully hear, exhibiting his catlike reflexes, and puppet theater.

Anthony Edwards

Shop Technician/Installer

While he’s only been a part of the Awesome Graphics team since 2018, Anthony Edwards has never once failed to impress with his stellar work ethic and positive attitude. He’s always willing to learn new skills and takes on new tasks with confidence and attention to detail After graduating from Stafford Technical Institute, he worked as a photojournalist for the Rutland Herald and as a self-employed real estate photographer. Since joining Awesome Graphics, his scope of skills and responsibilities has steadily grown. Anthony brings positivity, fun, and consistency to the workplace. Anthony prefers black coffee and takes pride in his Italian heritage.

Kasie Newton

Josh Morse

3M-Trained Installer

The newest member of the Awesome Graphics team, Josh, has already established himself a valuable asset in his first year of employment. His creative energy and enthusiasm inspire those around him. Josh possesses a love for art and a passion for learning. Coupled with his attention to detail and desire to excel at every task he’s given, his ability to multitask makes him an excellent fit in the busy Awesome Graphics environment. Josh enjoys crafting and collecting figurines, exploring a diverse collection of music, and spending time with his family.

Claude Derosiers

Graphic Designer

Innovative design and abstract thinking are essential to bringing the creative energy of Awesome Graphics to life—characteristics personified in “Clawed” Derosiers. Claude has a BFA in Fine Art and Graphic Design from Central Connecticut State University and boasts an impressive professional background including the creation of compelling marketing and web designs for a variety of companies. “Clawed” has been a part of the Awesome Graphics team for two years and has consistently produced exceptional digital artwork and design, bringing his clients’ visions to life. He elevates the morale of his team with his positivity and outgoing personality. Clawed lives in Sudbury, Vermont with his partner, Jim, and enjoys skiing and spending time with his yellow lab, Nicki.

Eric Briere

Operations Manager

Eric Briere has always possessed an aptitude for creativity and effective leadership. Prior to joining the Awesome Graphics team, he received his bachelor’s degree in Painting & Sculpture from Castleton University and managed a restaurant and an art gallery. In his five years of employment at Awesome Graphics, Eric has made huge strides for the company. After exhibiting consistent reliability and professionalism as a shop technician and installer, he was promoted to the head of operations. Eric epitomizes versatility and forward thinking and ensures that every job is completed with the utmost quality and attention to detail. Eric enjoys hiking with his two labs, Cooper and Jelly, snowboarding, and playing golf.

Kasie Newton


We want to welcome the newest member to the Awesome Graphics Family! Kasie Newton comes to us with a great attitude and amazing customer service. She has a tremendous ability to multi task and is ready to answer your calls and emails or greet you in person. We are so pleased to have her on our team!

Noah Beauchain

Shop Tech

Noah is a graduate of Plymouth State University. A lover of the outdoors, he enjoys skiing, golfing, and hiking. When not in nature, he spends his time bowling with friends and playing video games. Noah has always had a passion for design and enjoys working on the vehicles in the shop.