Effective Advertisement with Minimal Effort—The Wrap

It’s no secret that companies need to stand out to their target market. With saturated social media platforms and endless online ads, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle (or scroll).

While social media and other online ads can yield measurable results, it’s almost impossible to stay relevant. Are you keeping up with your blog? How’s your SEO ranking? Are your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn posts engaging, valuable, or even relevant?

Not to mention the price—Facebook ad campaigns are expensive, and you have to constantly renew your campaigns to maintain visibility.

When deciding on their means of advertisement, companies should consider the following:


•ROI (Return on Investment)



•Brand Identity

Let’s talk about an easy, affordable, and effective solution to saturated online advertising: vehicle wraps.

What is a vehicle wrap? 

These wraps are printed on vinyl, essentially acting as a protective “sticker” for your vehicle.

They can cover as little or as much of the surface area of your vehicle as you prefer—ranging from “partial wraps” that cover doors or hoods to “full wraps” that cover everything but the windows (there’s even the option to utilize window space with view-through vinyl that doesn’t obstruct the driver’s vision).

Just how effective is a wrap? 

These statistics provide some insight:

  1. Car advertising is 96% more effective than static billboards.
  2. Car advertising grabs 2x the attention of a Static billboard.
  3. 86% of Car advertising viewers will read the entire advertisement.
  4. 67% of consumers report being influenced at least once by a car advertisement.

In addition, 90% of those traveling by car will see a vehicle advertisement. Of that percentage, 80% will see an ad that interests them or that they consider “memorable.”

What information should you include? 

To make the most of your advertisement-on-wheels, be sure to include the following:

•Your company name

•A clear description of your product or service

•Clear & legible contact information

•A call-to-action

How can you make sure your wrap attracts attention? 

Your wrap will generate attention, but to ensure you make a great first impression, you should:

•Utilize a visually-appealing layout that draws the reader’s eye to the most pertinent information

•Incorporate elements of your corporate identity (logo, colors, etc.)

•Ensure a smooth, professional application without bumps, creases, or puckers

How much does a wrap cost? 

The actual cost of a vehicle wrap varies significantly depending on a few factors:


•Design Time

•Quality of Material

Keep in mind, however, that while a larger vehicle costs more to wrap, it’s even more visible to potential customers.

Which vehicle wrap provider is right for me? 

It’s clear that vehicle wraps are a great investment—they attract attention, they don’t expire, and they require no maintenance. So, what next?

When choosing a provider for your vehicle wrap, consider the following:

1. Quality: This is (likely) the first impression your potential customer will have of your product or service. Make it count by choosing the highest-quality wrap for your vehicle.

2. Design: Are you going to use an online template or have a custom design made? If you’re going to opt for custom, look for an installer that offers design services to avoid complications.

3. Reputation: Look for a provider that has a proven track record of great vehicle design and installation. If their portfolio shows wraps with creases, keep looking.

4. Turnaround Time: As a business owner, time is always of the essence! Find a provider that can offer a reasonably fast accommodation for your wrap.

Think of all the eyes you could be catching! 

Awesome Graphics provides premium, 3M-certified vinyl wraps for vehicles of all sizes. Contact us with questions regarding your custom wrap.